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Consider us your on-demand design team

Branded templates, digital asset libraries, and graphic design done for you in the DC metro area. Just like an in-house design team, but only when you need us.

illustration of a graphic designer working on a computer while remotely talking to a client
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Design made easy (and done for you)

Nothing is going to save your team time (and sanity) quite like having everything readily branded, all in one place. Whether you need slide decks for your sales team, branded templates ready to go, or a full booth design for an upcoming exhibition, we’re the team for you. 

Brand consistency is vital to your success. So give us the assets you currently have and we will fix them up, organize them, and show the world what you are made of. 

We obsess about the details (so you don’t have to)

We are a collective of graphic designers who love nothing more than to dive into the details. Whitepapers. Presentations. Asset libraries. Someone’s gotta do it. And luckily for you, these are the projects we love.

What we can do for you (at a glance)

Our core services fall into 5 main categories:

icon - Branded templates

Branded templates

icon - Asset libraries

Asset libraries

icon - Conference & event design

Conference & event design

icon - Digital design

Digital design

icon - Print design

Print design

Here's how it all works. . .

Branded templates
to help you get organized

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icon - Branded templates
illustration of a person holding up a presentation with a bar chart

For small and medium businesses, design admin can feel really overwhelming. Something that is so often overlooked but absolutely critical is a collection of branded templates. 


We’re talking letterheads, slide decks, sales presentations, ebooks and white paper templates. Invest in a small collection of branded templates to take the guesswork out of sales and marketing. Plus, it saves everyone a ton of time. 

We can design branded templates for a range of assets including:

Presentation slide decks (for events)
Sales presentations
Ebooks and whitepapers
PowerPoint templates
Letterhead templates

Digital asset libraries
to get all your stuff in one place

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You know what the biggest waste of time is for most marketing and sales teams? Digging through messy filing systems to try to find that presentation Steve used one time. 

Enough is enough. Get all of your sales and marketing assets (everything from logos to PowerPoint templates) unified, designed, and organized in a system that works for you.

We’ll build your digital asset library in Canva Pro or Figma (you’ll find no design snobbery here), so your sales and marketing teams can access whatever they need whenever they need it.

Your digital asset library can contain everything you need, including:

Brand guidelines and colors
Social media post templates 
Custom branded illustrations
Your purchased stock photography
Website assets
Digital ads
Email and newsletter assets
Digital event assets

icon - Asset libraries
illustration of a hand placing icons
illustration of a person holding puzzle pieces and working to fit them together
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icon - Conference & event design
illustration of two people collaborating over an infographic

C0nference and event design
for the perfect first impression

So you have a logo, color palette, and a brand identity. But do you use it consistently? 

We all know how much work goes into preparing for conferences and exhibitions. You already have so much to deal with, so let us take care of the design. 

We can bring your branding to life through: 

Trade show/exhibition booth design, signage, and banners
Event/conference branding and programs
Branded swag design and printing (everyone loves an event freebie)

Digital assets
to show off the best of your brand

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Marketing online is a huge part of business growth. Your content needs to not only look good but be consistent. It's the public face of your business, so it deserves love, care, and attention. 

No in-house design team? No problem. We’re here to help.

We can design your digital assets including: 

Digital ads
Ebooks and whitepapers
Web design
HTML mailers and newsletters
PowerPoint presentations
Charts and graphics

icon - Digital design
illustration of a person showing a web layout
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icon - Print design
illustration of a person showing a print layout

Hard copies
that work for your business

Once your design goes to the printers, there’s no going back. It has to be perfect. Whether you need collateral for your next tradeshow, an annual report for your town hall, or print ads for a national newspaper. 

You have one chance to get this right. So bring in the professionals.

We can design your print assets including:

Print collateral
Annual reports/Datasheets
Print ads
Promotional materials

You've got an idea. Now what?

We are here to make your life easier and streamline your internal processes. So it makes sense that our process is simple too. Here’s how it goes:

an infographic showing our process.

Save time. Save money.
Make everyone’s lives easier.

You know what’s really expensive? Boring and unclear signage. Hiring a full-time design team when you only need them sometimes. Rushed annual reports and marketing materials that leave people wondering what you even do. 

Or even worse, completely forgetting you exist.

Let us sweat the small stuff and create the artwork you need so you can get back to running your marketing department. Do what you do best with the big ideas and intricate campaigns. 

We’ll handle the design work.

Meet the badgers.

So what’s the deal with Creative Cete? (Cete is the collective noun for badgers, in case you were wondering). 

Here's the team at a glance:
4 wonderful graphic designers
50+ years of total experience
established in 2023
a photo of Leanne Bower the founder and creative director

Leanne Bowers, Founder

Leanne Bowers was born in Honolulu and raised outside Quantico Marine Corp base. She takes great pride in coming from a military family. A sucker for logistics and problem-solving, Leanne’s been working in graphic design for 13 years. Her favorite design projects are signage and swag. What drives her design is not to reach the most beautiful or artistic design, it's to figure out the most effective solution the design is solving. The key to great design is problem solving.

We’re all based in the US, working mostly in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area.

Ready to take some work off your plate? 

Get in touch with the team so we can create clean, clear, and effective designs for your brand so you can focus on the big stuff. 

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